Sunday, February 24, 2013

Santa is coming tonight!

That is what I would've said had I been doing the advent calendar back in December like I was supposed to.  The final day's kit is no surprise as he is all over the box.

Santa Darth Maul.

I like the attention to detail of giving him a shovel and then giving him two pieces of "snow" to shovel.  He even has a fancy plastic cape that came in it's own box, so it wouldn't get wrecked.

Now that the Star Wars Lego advent calendar countdown is done for another year I'll actually have to come up with some post ideas instead of being lazy and relying on of the calendar for daily posts.  I'll also have to clean all the shelves in my room that are now littered with little Lego kits.


Cam said...

Just put all the Lego stuff back in the calendar on different days, it'll be a whole new surprise when you re-open it at Christmas.

Keef said...

I could take all the cool kits from last year and the cool kits from this year and just make a calendar of nothing but good stuff. But that sounds like too much work.

mike said...

Or you could tape up all the doors and give it to you nephew next november.. haha.

plus that cape is a limited edition, complete with it's own serial number- there were only 6006050 ever made!

Cara said...

Boo-urns. Santa didn't come to my house the other night.