Friday, December 25, 2015

New! Blue Plaid

I hope everyone got lots of cool stuff for Christmas and filled up on turkey.  I made out pretty well this year with nine pairs of socks!  One pack had seven pairs in it, another pair has pretzels on them and my mom got me a pair of Beavis & Butthead socks.

I got some more movies and the new Tomb Raider game for good measure.  The bottom two movies are a couple more movies my mom got me in Hong Kong.  The one on the bottom left is the last movie in a trilogy.  She actually got me the first part when she went to Hong Kong the first time.  While I do have the second movie, it's a bootleg DVD I got in Chinatown, so now I feel obligated to track down a legitimate version.  

The anime is obviously Dragon Ball Z and while I can buy it at Wal-Mart if I wanted, the Hong Kong version has a 3D disc that isn't available in North America.  Not sure how the 3D will work on a 2D cartoon, but I guess I'll find out.  I know it has some CGI effects and stuff, so maybe those will pop.

Lastly in the upper right hand corner is Automan, a short lived 80's TV series created by Glen Larson.  It's released by Shout Factory who also just released Manimal.  While I've never watched Manimal I always remember Cam and Mike would hype up that show like crazy.

I also got a Snuggie and it's amazing.  It's a 100% legit Snuggie too, so now I can throw out my bootleg Snuggie I got a Bianca Amor's out my car window as I drive down Deerfoot.  You can't replicate the quality of the original.

It sucks because I can't really enjoy or play with any of my gifts until I get back to Calgary.  It's just easier to keep them packaged up.  I can't wait to watch a new movie with that Snuggie!

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