Saturday, December 19, 2015

Shrink N' Play

Okay, the mysterious fourth item I got at Michael's Star Wars buy one, get one 50% off sale is...Shrink N' Play!

There is a Makit & Bakit joke here somewhere.

The whole set is kind of cheap for what you pay.  There is only one background, three shrink 'ems and two sticker sheets.  There should have been at least two backgrounds.  Also, all the kits were all exactly the same.  It would've been nice to have a little variety.


Before going into the oven.

After coming out of the oven.  Yep, they shrunk alright!  They shrunk in size, but they definitely got thicker.  Like the instructions said they only took 1 - 3 minutes, so you have to be watching the entire time.  Now I'm a little curious what happens to them if you leave them in a little too long.

There are some double sided sticky foam pieces that you are supposed to use to stick your shrink 'ems onto the background. 

It seemed like a waste to me to stick them on the background sheet.  I'll figure out something else out to do with them.  The background scene and stickers didn't go to waste as I reconstructed one of the Bespin scenes (to the best of my memory) with them.  

No, that isn't a screen shot from The Empire Strikes Back, it's my sticker scene I made!  It turned out okay, but I had to make some alterations to the C-3PO sticker to reflect how he appeared in the movie.

My apologies for the crappier than usual pictures in this post.  I did it late in the day and lighting was not on my side.  


mike said...

Lando placement is my favourite.

Keef said...

Now that I think about it I should've cut Boba Fett in half as well, then switched the top halves of Lando and Fett, that would've looked neat.