Friday, December 18, 2015


This afternoon I was browsing Yahoo and came across a headline that caught my attention.  It was something about a cheetah on the loose in south-eastern BC.  I had to check it out to see exactly where in south-eastern BC this was and it was in Crawford Bay!  It wasn't just a story about a hippie who took a bad trip, it was legit with picture and everything.  Pretty cool, yet pretty weird even for Kootenay Lake.  Check it out here,

The RCMP are trying to find out in anyone owns a cheetah which you think would be pretty easy.  Shouldn't someone have to have paper work to own an exotic animal like a cheetah?  It's not any one can walk out of a pet store with one.  If you did own one and ended up losing it, I'm sure you would be doing something to try and get it back in one piece, like tell the cops or a conservation officer.  I bet the cheetah belongs to some hippie who uses it to protect his grow op in the summer.


mike said...

Haha, Dad said that they had tracked down someone who had applied for a cheetah license(!) from Kaslo and the RCMP wished to speak to them. lol.

Keef said...

You need cheetah permits in Kaslo, but not in Crawford Bay cuz they're chill like that.