Saturday, December 5, 2015

Star Wars round up

Here are a few of the Star Wars promotions out there that I've wasted my money on.  Or Cody has wasted his money on.

Cody bought these Star Wars R2-D2 Holiday cookies last week, but hasn't made them yet.  There are same as all the other sugar cookies Pillsbury releases around every holiday, but with R2-D2 on them.  I'm still not sure how they classify as a "holiday" cookie.  I guess they didn't specify which holiday, so technically they aren't Christmas cookies.  Wookie Life Day cookies?

I saw a commercial on TV promoting Star Wars cups at Subway, so I went by there the very next day.  I wanted a BB-8 or Stormtrooper cup, but I got a Chewie cup which is still pretty cool.  I was going to rant about how we should be getting Star Wars glasses, not cups and how the plastic cups are too thin and flimsy but then I remembered they were free.

Also, I haven't been to Subway in a while because they have some fancy pants touch screen drink dispenser.  When I went to fill up my cup I was looking around for the fountain drink machine, but it was gone.  The new machine you touch the screen to start it up, select your type of drink then press on the screen to fill your cup.  Technology!

Just like the Post cereal, Betty Crocker just slapped some Star Wars characters on their boxes to get some suckers to buy them.  It worked.

Even the packages are normal, they didn't even try to dress those up with Star Wars characters.

At least, there is something to do as the inside of the box has activities to do.   Colouring on coloured paper is just weird, the colours aren't going to look the same.

What did you score?  I scored a 10, so I'm in perfect balance with the Force.  Can't say that about my bank account!  Hi-yo!!

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