Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Pre-Christmas loot

Hey everybody, I'm back!  Back in Cranbrook that is.  I worked this morning and once I was done work I went home loaded up the car and headed back to BC.  Roads were okay, not quite as busy as I was expecting.  Once I got home I found I had gifts waiting for me and it's not even Christmas yet!

At the end of October and beginning of November my mom went back Taiwan to see my Uncle Cam and Murray.  On the way back she spent a few days in  Hong Kong again, so you know I had to ask her to look for stuff for me.

She got me some blu-rays!  The one of the left is called Full Strike and it's a badminton movie which might not sound very exciting, but it's also a gangster movie.  The movie on the right is called Monster Hunt and it's some big budget mainland Chinese movie.  It's the 3D version, so I'll have to wait until I back to Calgary before I can watch it.

Murray sent me back some stuff including these Pac-Man coasters.  There are four coasters, one Pac-Man and four ghosts.  Pretty nifty, maybe I'll start drinking from cups?  Naah....

He also sent me these cool zombie erasers called Gore on Error.  He said they also had army men erasers called War on Error which is pretty clever.  They are made by a company called Mustard.  It's an English company, but they're made in China.  I bet it's next door to the Star Wart factory.

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