Sunday, July 6, 2014


We still have last year's Chuck Norris calendar hanging on our wall because you don't just take a Chuck Norris calendar down.  It's an unwritten rule and actually a legitimate law in Texas.  There have a been a few times this year I've looked at it to check a date and then realized it's still December 2013.  But no more!

Since the year is half over they decided to give out all the left over calendars out at work for free.  I can't believe we still had any, I thought they would've got trashed back in April.  They had them at the customer service desk, so Cody got first pick.  He grabbed two calendars, but then forgot to take them home with him, so he had to text me and I picked up and brought the home with me.



Since we have a replacement calendar Texas law states that we can remove the old Chuck Norris calendar as long as we replace it with a current Chuck Norris calendar, so we are good to go.  It's nice to have a calendar up, but did you guys know it's July?!

We just re-watched a couple of Chuck classics last week too, Invasion USA and Delta Force 2.

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