Sunday, July 13, 2014

From the vaults

Since the finally completed Badge of Betrayal trailer was such a hit despite receiving only one thumbs up/like on YouTube(from me!), work has begun on other lost Crapola treasures!  Today Cody transferred more files from tape to digital and we watched them all on the glorious big screen.  You already have seen Badge of Betrayal, but there is also Son of a Gun, Untitled, something we filmed with Cody's niece, the Big Rock commercials(there are two of them) and finally Steele O'Neil Zombie Buster!

It's going to be a lot of work getting these films ship shape, especially since the audio is out of sync.  I have high hopes for Son of Gun and Steele O'Neil, so I can't wait to see them completed.  The thing is I totally forgot we had that much footage of Steele O'Neil, it's a complete movie!   With titles even!

Now I want to get my tapes because we're wondering what the hell is on them.  There should be Reefer Madness 2, Psycho Killer Hermit Guy, Marionette Massacre, possibly The Worst Movie Ever Made and I'm hoping for some skiing and mountain biking stuff.   Remember filming any mountain biking Cam or Mike?  Maybe some random crap too.

Here is a picture Cody made from what he's currently working on.  Let's the hope the entire movie is as good as this gif.


Cara said...

Cam still does that!

Keef said...

Cara, the direction we gave Cam on portraying his character was to "just be yourself". I think he nailed it.

Cody said...

We got find the one that we filmed in Cam's parents basement. Didn't we title it Crackhouse Crazies or something like that?

Cam said...

Notice how I never looked directly at the camera? It's called GOOD ACTING.