Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Dear China, you owe me $4.00. Yours truly, Keith.

I briefly tried out my fancy Chinese iPhone wide angle lens with less that spectacular results.  There isn't much to take pictures of around our place, so I apologize for the bland scenery.

This one is without the lens.

And now one with the lens.  Kind of lame especially since I didn't even have it centred on the lens.

One without the lens.

And one with the lens.  This one looks a little better and I had lens centered a little better.  Still overall it's pretty disappointing.  I think you can download free apps that can produce the exact same effect, only better.

If you screw off the wide angle lens there is a macro lens under it.  I can't get it to work as it is never in focus, it's just a blurry mess even when I switch to the macro setting on my phone.

So once again I'm disappointed by another cheap piece of Chinese crap.  Then again the box did say it was for iPhone and I tried using it on my Samsung phone, so maybe that's why it didn't work.  That's exactly why it didn't work!

A while back I ran a contest that Cara won and I promised an awesome prize that I have yet to deliver on.  I'm pretty sure you can see where this is going by now.  Congratulations Cara on winning an awesome wide angle lens for your iPhone!  I hope you have more luck with it than I did.


Cara said...

OMG! I can hardly believe it! It looks like something I will use on my iPhone on a daily basis.

I actually forgot about my prize... you could've gotten away with getting me absolutely nothing.

Keef said...

You will wonder how you ever managed to take a picture without it! Here is what will happen once you start using the wide angle lens.

You'll see some poor sap taking a picture with their iPhone and you'll be all like "Amateur" and then pull out your iPhone with that sexy wide angle lens and then they'll be like "No wai!". You'll be like "That's how I roll y'all." Their jaw be dropping and you'll be like "Step off scrub I got bidness to take care off." Click click yo.

Or something to that effect.