Tuesday, July 15, 2014


Remember way back when Cody and I would go to weird little burger places and I would write about it?  Well back when we were doing that we ate at a burger place in the Westbrook Mall food court which is a "mall" near our place.  It's not much of mall, I would even say the Tamarack Mall is better than the Westbrook Mall, although Westbrook does have an actually foot court.

Anyway, we ate there a  long time ago at a burger place called Extreme Burger.  I don't remember much about the first time we ate there, but it couldn't have made much of an impression on me as I never went back.  I was walking through the mall last week and I noticed Extreme Burger was gone and replaced by a new burger joint called Dragon's Lair Burger Co.  The funny part is that the sign for Extreme Burger is gone, but you can still make out the letters above the stall.  Dragon's Lair sign is actually their menu that is on a giant chalk board on the wall.  If you were a jerk you could lean on it and erase the sign.

Long story short we went to Dragon's Liar and as Cody says, it's not bad.  It's not great, but it's not bad.  At least they give you the option of what you want on your burger ala Subway in terms of toppings and sauces.  They fries were pretty basic, but they were good.  Better than those tiny little fries you get at Smash Burger.  In addition to burgers they also do french onion soup, beef chili bowls and poutine.  They have several different types of poutine including a dill pickle poutine.  And face it that really just sounds disgusting.

On the way back home we stopped at the thrift store because it was toonie Tuesday where all DVDs are $2.00 each.  I got The Incredible Hulk blu-ray which isn't a DVD, but it was still $1 off the regular $4 price, so not a bad deal.

Hulk smash high prices!!

And also this!

In the book section I found another Happy Day Book and unfortunately it wasn't Happy Time with the Lollipop Dragon or God Made Kittens.  Since I found one, that meant there had to more, so Cody and I each flipped through a couple boxes of kids books hoping to find more.  But we quickly grew tired and gave up.  If we had eaten a more nutritious lunch I'm sure we would've had the energy to look through all those boxes of books.  In the end I didn't even buy the book because it was too beat up and the pages looked water damaged.  But I know you guys are keeping your eyes open right?  How else am I going to learn how God gives up peanut butter?

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