Thursday, July 3, 2014

Oh yeah, I forgot about that.

On Canada Day I did what any good patriotic Canadian would do...I "cleaned" my room.  When I say "cleaned" I just mean I got rid of a few things and just rearranged all the left over crap into neater stacks/piles of stuff.  I guess it's good I did "clean" because I dug up some stuff I forgot about.

I bought these Makit & Bakit kits at Michael's back in January when all Christmas-y stuff was reduced to sell.  I got them for a buck each.  There are the current Makit & Bakit versions and while they did have other kits, they were full price.  Somebody please remind me to make them come this December!

More Christmas crap in the shape of Darth Vader "holiday" lights.  I bought these at HMV before Christmas, but they were on sale.  I was going to put them up (somewhere) and take a picture, so I'd have a blog post.  I never got around to it.  Sure sounds like me!

Speaking of not getting around to things...  I bought some art stuff like this grid paper, ruler and black pens back when I grand plans of resurrecting "Calculus Cut-Ups".  It wasn't going to be a direct sequel, prequel or reboot just comics in that style (ie. crappy) that would've taken place around the same time(the 90's baby).  At the time I had at least three strips in my head, but today I can only remember one of them.

I bought these last fall from the Cellar in Cranbrook.  They are some soccer cards, stickers and junk from a British magazine.

And finally I found the box for my flash camcorder.  I got it for my birthday YEARS ago and never actually used it.  I took the camera out to play around with it and stashed the box in the back of  this drawer.  Eventually the battery died on the camera and I could never find the cables to recharge it.  I've wanted to use it a few times, but couldn't find the box.  I knew I had the box somewhere, but I could never find it when I needed it.  Fun fact, the camera is in the drawer directly below this one.  Yes, I am that stupid. 

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