Tuesday, July 1, 2014

(Pay)Phoning it in

The other day I did a post and I mentioned that I saw a guy using a pay phone.  It was such a hit that even Cam commented on it.  So to follow up on that I give the phone booth in all it's glory.

Okay, not the best angle, but there you go.  It's sitting right under the old dilapidated Tri-Glen Centre sign and beside a postal drop box.  Sorry Cam, but there is not a phone book inside it.  I guess you could look up the number you needed using Google on your cell phone.  It might have smelled like pee, but I wasn't going to check.

The phone booth has always been there, but I've never paid much attention to it.  There is a four way stop in front of the this sad little strip mall place and it's one of the main ways to get to our place, so I'm always going past it.  I just ignore it, but once in a while I'll actually "see" the phone booth and be like, "Hey, a pay phone!".

The entire Tri-Glen Centre which consists of a (starting from the left and going right) a convenience store, dog grooming place, nail place, Howie's Pizza, alterations store, a dry cleaners and a Chinese take out called Hot Wok Cafe.  I go to the convenience store sometimes and I've grabbed a slice of pizza at Howie's before.  It is totally greasy, but strangely good.  I feel like a nap after I've eaten it.

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