Saturday, July 26, 2014


I'm going on vacation pretty much Monday after I'm done work.  Unfortunately, I'm not going back to Cranbrook.  My mom has been asking me to go on vacation with her for like years and I keep saying no.  Mostly because I'm too lazy to go anywhere and also because I'm too lazy to renew my passport.  I finally caved in when she asked me to go on a trip to the east coast because I can go and not have a passport because it's in Canada.  I'll be going with my mom and Logan to Halifax, Moncton and Charlottletown.  My mom has cousins over there, so I'll get to meet them as well as have a place to stay for a few night because we're freeloaders.

Seeing as how I don't travel because I hate people and hate going outside I had to go out get some luggage tags.  I only looked at Target and their selection sucked.  For some reason all their luggage tags were pink, purple, animal print or in the shape of a school bus.  Not cool.  I went to Dollarama because I knew they'd save me and they didn't let me down.

I bought a pack of DIY self laminating bag tags.

Just write your info on the card and put in the pouch and remove the sheet to stick it down.  Just a plain white card with your info is pretty boring.  I think I have a way to personalize this luggage tag to make it a little cooler and lot more distinguishable.

A quick trip to the thrift store on my way home to pick up some materials.

It's super easy!  Just find a picture you like, any picture, and use the info card to trace around to get the right size.  Cut it out with some scissors, then glue it to the back of the info card.  Now just follow the instructions to "laminate" your luggage tag.

It's incredibly easy as I made these two tags in about a minute.

I'll be damned, it worked!

I had also bought this Canada luggage tag as a back up just in case my luggage tag hack didn't work.  I still ended up using the strap off it because the ties that come with the self laminating tags are garbage.  The Superman tag will go on my carry on.  I wanted to make more tags, but I don't have any more bags to put them on!

More on the trip tomorrow and let's hope these luggage tags don't actually have to be used.

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Move over, Martha Stewart!