Friday, July 4, 2014

You've been warned!

Last weekend Cody went back to Moyie and when he came back on Canada Day he brought back his old school camcorder and all the old tapes.

Tapes full of old stuff like Son of a Gun, Untitled, Badge of Betrayal, the original Steele O'Neil, and all kinds of other crap.

Here is Cody screening footage on our disaster of a kitchen table.  Cody plans to transfer it to his computer in order to do proper editing, music and sound effects.  He also wants to just upload the untouched raw footage because it's so damn stupid.  Apparently, there is like five minutes of footage of Cody and I posing and pointing our guns at the camera trying to get some "cool, badass" shots for Badge of Betrayal.  Words can't really describe it.

All this footage should keep Cody busy for a while which is good thing.  Eventually, when I make my way back to Cranbrook I want to dig up my old tapes.  I can't remember everything that is on them, but there should be Reefer Madness 2, maybe some mountain biking/skiing, Marionette Massacre, Pyscho Killer Hermit Guy and who knows what else.  Maybe if I ever find my tapes and if Cody edits it and fixes Psycho Killer Hermit Guy up into something watchable he can use the PKHG theme song for it.


Cam said...

Doesn't PKHG include a brief cameo by Vaughn? Isn't he an actor now or something? You may want to contact his agent.

Cody said...

Reefer Madness 2! We know why.

Keef said...

Yeah Cam, it did, but I don't remember what role he played. He probably got killed by the PKHG as did Mike who played the kindly veterinarian who nursed me back to health.

mike said...

and then died in an ultra-realistic way.. I should've called in a stunt double for that one- I still have trouble walking into barns..

I think Vaughn got shot with an arrow..

Keef said...

Oh yeah, I remember now Mike! Your mom freaked out when she saw what we did to you.

I remember Cam got shot with an arrow and Vaughan might have his neck either snapped or cut with a knife. Looking back we should just done both.

We were watching Badge of Betrayal and there is a part when Willie drives his old car down your back alley with Cody hanging on the hood. I'm sitting on top of your garage filming the whole thing. It's actually pretty awesome.