Sunday, July 27, 2014

"If it's one thing ghosts can't resist, it's porn."

I said that I was going to write more about my trip, but something much more important came up that I have to tell you!  Cody looked in his camcorder bag and found a third tape with a bunch of stuff on it.

The early stuff is bunch of random stuff that makes absolutely no sense at all.  I think it started by Cody and I filming some scenes off the top of our heads.  Then later we'd film more, but try to make it connect to what we already filmed.  In the end it's all pretty weird and not very good, although there are few funny parts.  In one section Cody dies and comes back as a ghost, so I use porn to lure him out.  Later on Cody is Arnold Schwarzenegger and I'm Bruce Willis and we're fighting for some reason.

After that there is some weird thing that has Cody, Lisa and I in it.  I'm not sure the plot, but Cody takes a dump, and at the end Lisa "helps" him by shooting him in the head.  The End.  Typical Crapola stuff, it did have a few funny scenes.   After that is another short in which I play a commando being menaced by a Satanic bedsheet.   Yes, that is the plot.

After that is the classic American Beercan Hunt video which is a parody of hunting shows.  In it Cody, Willie and I are rednecks on the hunt for beer cans.  This segment is actually pretty long and surprisingly funny.  All we had was an idea and just went in the woods and made everything up on the spot.  It turned out pretty good.  I die at the end.

Next one is super secret, so I won't tell you!  It has an absolutely hilarious scene in it.  The thing is I don't recall filming it at all!  Cody wanted to make a gif as a teaser, but I'm like no way!   I don't want to give anything away until the final version is up on YouTube for the world to see.  It's totally worth waiting for.

Finally, there is another entry for the Big Rock contest that we filmed, but never submitted.  I think it ran it too long, so we didn't use it.  We basically adapted our American Beercan Hunt premise to a Canadian version where Cody and Willie hunt the elusive Big Rock.

This tape held some hidden treasures,  I can't believe we filmed so much stuff.  Most of it is shot on the Crapola Studios backlot aka Cody's backyard.  It usually doesn't make sense, it usually isn't very good, but it was fun to make and to go back and watch now.

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WiLLiE said...

I totally remember the Big Rock contest thing! We probably didn't win because we were shooting AND drinking while on the "hunt" for the elusive Big