Thursday, August 20, 2015


Another day of my vacation has passed and again I haven't done much.  My vacation is practically over and it seems like it just started!  Today I just went to the bank, then went to the other bank and went to the Salvation Army and Hospital Aux, but didn't even find anything.

In the afternoon I went digging through my many boxes and found a few items I plan on getting rid of.  I still have tons of crap, but I guess if every time I come home I can get rid of a couple things it eventually thin it out.  Some of my boxes are still full, but there are others that are half full or three quarters full, so eventually I'll have to start condensing stuff.  As always it's fun to see the crap I've got stashed away.

Old school Gen 13 screen saver on disk, actually three disks!  I wish I could use it.

Playstation lid stickers!  The Thrill Kill one must be worth a fortune since it was never actually released in North America.

More Playstation stickers, but this time for your memory cards.  The stickers were stuck in with a bunch of old game level walkthroughs(RE, Syphon Filter, others) that I had ripped from magazines and then put in a binding.

Enough with the stickers, time for the games.  I'm pretty sure Cam got me this one?  I vaguely remember some driving around and being able to shoot, so in other words, it was just like the show.

Don't tell anyone, but this ball was stolen from the Burger King ball pit.

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