Saturday, August 29, 2015

Christmas in July

Okay, its August, but really it's almost September.  Anyway, since I came back from Cranbrook I had only bought the very essentials in terms of food and was running dangerously low on snacks.  Things were so dire I had break out my secret stash of Gingerbread Oreos!

I bought these way back in January at Target when I found them randomly stashed in one of the food aisles.  This was even before they had announced they were closing.

36 cents for a package of Gingerbread Oreos is the best damn money I've ever spent.  I searched all over Target looking for more, but I could only find the one package.  No other stores had them in stock at the time, so this was rare and I've been keeping them hidden away for a special occasion.  

Being hungry and having nothing to eat counts as a special occasion and they are still awesome tasting.  Hopefully this fall they'll be back.  Don't they usually start rolling out the Christmas stuff near the end of September?

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