Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Platzl, that word just looks weird.

So far it feels like I haven't even done anything and my vacation is almost over, which sucks..  Sunday and Monday was just moving stuff and getting ready for the big moving day on Tuesday.  Except on Tuesday we sat around most of the day waiting for all the paperwork to go through, which didn't get done until 3:30 pm.  With the all the stuff moved, I actually did something today.

We went up Kimberley today, hung around the Platzl, put money in the Happy Hans cuckoo
 clock(see Instagram), went to the thrift store, and ate lunch.  I went to the candy store in the Platzl and while I didn't buy anything, but they had lots of things I wanted to eat.  The best looking stuff was the chocolates they make in store.

A building in the Platzl with an outdoor climbing wall located on the second floor.  I wonder what the insurance on that is?  I wonder if its insured at all?

Just down from the Hospital Auxiliary in Kimberley are a couple of restaurants, the first one is Heart Beet, a vegetarian bistro which sounds gross, but I give them points for the name.  The other one is the Burrito Grill where we had lunch, and actually wasn't too bad.  I just had a regular size burrito which was huge, bigger than the mucho size burrito at Mucho Burrito.  Although, I have to give to Mucho in terms of flavour.  Also, the Kimberley place had no tacos.  It doesn't look like much from the outside, but it was okay, I'd eat there again, but probably get a smaller burrito as I couldn't even finish my regular size.

Wednesday nights in Cranbrook they have a Farmer's Market with live music down in Rotary Park, so I went to check that out.  The market sucked as there were only like six tables with nothing good.  I still ended up buying a Trail Smoke Eaters pin though.  Even though wasn't much to buy there was still quite a lot of people there, probably to listen to the old dudes playing rock'n'roll on the stage.  Even though I'm heading back on Saturday I hope to hit up the Saturday Farmer's Market when all the good stuff is there.

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