Tuesday, August 4, 2015


So I've been doing a whole lot of extra nothing lately, hence the lack of updates.  Just working or uh...not working.  Been trying to watch some DVDs as they are really piling up on me.  Recently I've watched Camp Nowhere, Zoom: Academy for Heroes, Minority Report, Combat Academy,  Volunteers and Scooby-Doo! and KISS: Rock and Roll Mystery.

I also forced Cody to watch that VHS of Repossessed I bought at the Hospital Aux in Cranbrook.  I had to hook up the VCR and everything, so it was a real chore.  I can't believe people still watch VHS, but I suppose they might look better on an old school TV.  Not so much on my TV.

I also forced Cody to watch Minions today in eye popping 3D.  Cody was right about it before, it was full of kids.  I wasn't sure it would be since it has been out a while.  Kinda felt like a creep, but whatever.

Also, the other day I was driving somewhere and I saw a lady walking two dogs...and a parrot!  She had a big green parrot sitting on her shoulder pirate style as she was walking the dogs down the side walk.  Definitely not something you see everyday.

Also picked up these dorks.  I like Willie's plunger as it's actually rubber!

I was at Dollarama the other day and bought this drink mix.  It smells exactly like Jolly Ranchers!  It tastes pretty much like you expect it would.

I think that's about it for random stuff crammed into a post.  I'll work on something a little more interesting for the weekend.

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