Sunday, August 16, 2015


I'd thought I better update you on what I did today.  I didn't do much.  Moved some stuff from Julie and Matt's and thats about it.  Then Avery was nagging me about making another video.

He wanted to make a Call of Duty video, so we filmed for about 20 minutes and I edited for about 20 minutes then I rendered a rough draft in 20 minutes and I'll be damned if we didn't make a Call of Duty video.  I'm surprised by how close we nailed it for having no script or even an idea of what we were filming.  The video may be done tomorrow, but I'd like to get a microphone to record some dialogue to add to the film.  I'd even like to film a couple pick up shots to make some scenes smoother if that's possible. It's clocking in at around 3 minutes and 20 seconds right now of non-stop action.

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