Thursday, August 27, 2015

Hidden Treasure

As I was digging through boxes last week in Cranbrook and getting rid of stuff to be exchanged for other stuff I came across a VHS tape in a clear case labelled, "CRAPOLA FILMS".  I brought it back to Calgary with the hopes that it would have Marionette Massacre and Psycho Killer Hermit Guy on it.  I almost forgot about it until Cody texted me and I told him about it.  Then I almost forgot about it again, but then tonight popped in the VCR which was still hooked up from when we watched Repossessed.

The bad news is that there is no Marionette Massacre, but there is good news!  PSYCHO KILLER HERMIT GUY good news!  Looks like there is a final cut on the tape with titles, credits and music.  I actually didn't watch it as I was just fast forwarding through it to make sure it was all there.  Still makes me wonder what happened to the original raw footage.  It must on the lost 8mm tape along with Marionette Massacre.  I'm just happy we have found something.  The VHS tape also had all the Reefer Madness 2 stuff, Son of a Gun and about 10 seconds of Steele O'Neil.   Friday night or Saturday I will get it transferred over to DVD.   Then Cody will take about a month to make it presentable, then you'll finally get to see it.  Excited?

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