Thursday, August 6, 2015


When I was back in Cranbrook last month Avery found out I had a YouTube account and wanted me to make videos with him to put on there.  There was a Nerf gun demo video(I shot him in the face!) and a lacrosse video all of which I deleted off my phone because I had no space left on it.  I did save a bike video and told him I was waiting for my friend (Cam) to make some music for it.  I forgot about it and I guess Cam did too, but unfortunately Avery didn't.  I quickly slapped something together and put it on YouTube and e-mailed the link to my sister.  Check it out you.  Also, not sure what happened with aspect ratio, but whatever man.


mike said...

Go Avery! Awesome gloves.
Now Willie is going to be riding around with a pop can.

Keef said...

Yeah, he'll go for a bike ride right after he cuts his lawn.