Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Top Gun

Okay, I finally finished Avery's video!  I thought I had it done Monday night, but after I rendered it for some reason that I don't understand, none of the music and sound effects worked.  The video was fine, the audio on the video was fine, but none of the audio I added to it worked.  I don't know, I'm no Cody with this editing stuff.  In the end I just took the rendered video and went back and had to add all the sound effects(lots of gun shots) and two pieces of music all over again.  I'm sure I could tighten it up a bit, but sometimes you just gotta give up.  

Make sure you check it out and actually "like" it.  He was asking me why his DIY bike video had no likes.   It's all Cam's fault for not making any rad guitar jams for it.


Cam said...

I couldn't keep up with your tight timelines and unforgiving schedule! I "liked" both videos though, so I hope that helps make up for it.

Keef said...

I don't remember actually giving you a deadline for the music which is maybe why it never got done. Next time I'll be more demanding about it!