Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Top Gunz

Last week Cody went to Bianca Amor's and bought some stuff and brought back a flyer which I looked through at my discretion.  They had some air soft type guns that I've seen there before, but since Avery seems to be into the Nerf type guns I decided I'd go get the "sniper" rifle.  

Once I got to Bianca Amor's I found a bunch of other guns...sweet sweet guns.  These guns don't shoot but are Lego type kits and look super awesome.

I bought this one for Cody because his birthday is coming up and it's a big one.  His birthday that is.  It's a Desert Eagle and according to the back you can actually pull the slide back and pull out the clip.  It also comes with a display stand.

I almost bought this one for myself, but I didn't and then regretted it the second I pulled out of the parking lot.

My other choice for Cody's gun.  I spent too much time trying to figure out what to get.

This AK-47 also comes with a bi-pod.  I wish the box listed the dimensions or scale.

Ssssniper!  Honestly, I wanted to buy all the guns!  Luckily, MY birthday is coming up soon.  Thank you China for making these knock off Lego weapons.  You are the best.  

There were two separate families of kids there and they were going nuts over the "air soft" guns and the "Lego" guns.  Some kid wanted the AK-47, but his dad was like "You just spent $100 at the Lego store yesterday!"  Hey, kids love Lego and guns, so put the two together and it sells itself.  I think the kid comprised on one of the "Lego" pistols.

I couldn't spend all my money on Chinese Lego guns, I still had to get the M14 shadow sniper.  The M14 shoots both soft gel pellets and darts.  I'll have to hide the gel shots from Avery and he'll be stuck with just the darts.  You can only chamber one dart at time, so less chance of damage with a slow firing rate.  It can shoot up to 50 feet though!

But aiming for the balls is okay!

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